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Did you know that Veale is the only local billboard advertising company in Santa Rosa and the greater Sonoma County? We have operated in the area for over three decades and are proud to have built long-lasting relationships with many local businesses. Our primary focus has remained the development of local advertising for Sonoma County based businesses, whether that’s through static billboards or digital ones.

Local and Effective Advertising

As a locally owned and operated business ourselves, we are passionate about our local customers. Like many billboard companies, we work with national brands and count Ford, Best Western, Budweiser, Acura, and others among our customers. We also work with local brands like Sonoma Clean Power, Amy’s Drive Thru, Go Local, The Green Music Center, and more. Veale is ideally suited to help your business as a billboard advertising company headquartered in Santa Rosa. Our digital billboard in Rohnert Park, right off the 101 freeway, is an ideal placement for brands trying to reach Sonoma County residents. Thousands of motorists and passengers pass by this billboard daily. In heavy traffic times, a car might spend 2-3 minutes in view of the billboard. This extended period of time that consumers spend in front of the billboard works to your advantage!

In addition to the time, people cannot shut off a static or digital billboard like they can other forms of marketing. While a person can click the TV to a different channel, change the radio station, or close an Internet ad, a billboard can’t be easily ignored. That turns the thousands of eyes seeing your billboard advertisement into potential customers. These are just some of the unique advantages to working with outdoor advertising. The right ad stays with the consumer long after they are out of the car. Let our billboard advertising company help your Santa Rosa business with creative billboards that will catch commuters’ attention.

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