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Why does billboard advertising in West Sacramento deliver customers to your business? The average person spends 20 hours per week commuting to and from their home, a time often spent thinking about to-do and to-buy lists. Nearly 70 percent of purchasing decisions are made outside the home! At Veale Outdoor Advertising, we understand that even as most traditional advertising declines in effectiveness, hard-to-miss static and digital billboards a proven way to be seen. Millions of commuters travel through West Sacramento monthly. Can you afford to skip exposure of your goods and services to this ever-present audience?

There is a reason why some of the largest companies you can think of—McDonald’s, Starbucks and Coors, for example—rely on our billboards to expand their messaging. Digital billboards are dynamic, eye-catching and customizable. You can target specific customers by adding to your advertising copy and imagery with relevant information, animation, and video. You can feature the local temperature, include future event listings, or even show them the song that is currently playing on a radio station. Digital roadside advertising is flexible and allows for sudden shifts in focus or events. Changing your logo, tagline or slogan? With a digital billboard, there is no need to invest in a brand new sign! You can also target your audience by the time of day. Which segment of your customers is likely to drive by at 6 AM on a weekday vs. 1 PM on a weekend? Your messaging can aggressively compete for likely viewers based on these and other differences!

Of course, static billboards are highly effective also. Because you are continually offering the same message continually to viewers, your message will firmly take hold. The right message at the right location can increase brand awareness and lead to increased attention and sales.  Billboard advertising in West Sacramento is a powerful element of a successful advertising strategy. Want to get your message to thousands of commuters daily? Call 707-777-7777 or fill out our convenient online form to drive engagement and sales with Veale Outdoor Advertising!

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