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Interested in advertising on a digital billboard for the Davis designated market area? Veale Outdoor Advertising has the equipment and experience you need. With digital billboards available in both Sonoma and Solano Counties on the 101 and 80 Highways, respectively, your Davis-area business will be exposed to millions of commuters and travelers every year. Whether you’re a small roadside diner or a national chain with locations throughout the Bay Area, your business will benefit.

With more than 30 years of experience in business realty and outdoor advertising, the team at Veale is here to help you create innovative ads that draw eyes and inspire action. The benefit of a digital billboard for businesses in the Davis area is in the flexibility, ease of use, and additional features of the creatives. If your business has regular sales, events, or promotions, keeping up with a traditional static billboard can easily become taxing. Every time the dates or details change, a new creative must be ordered. With digital advertising, you can operate from a single base creative and update the copy as needed. The changes can be performed in seconds without the cost or hassle of printing a new billboard, which will save you time and money. In addition, digital ads open up an entirely new field of interactivity for passing drivers by incorporating special features, such as a live feed that shows what’s currently playing on your radio station, an update on the latest lotto numbers, or information about the current weather at your destination.

There are dozens of ways to ensure digital billboard signs work for your Davis target market. The only limit is your imagination. Please contact our team today to get started! You can reach our billboard company by filling out our online form or by phone at 707-575-3752.

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