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Are you trying to make an impact using innovative new media like a digital billboard to reach the Vacaville designated market area? Veale Outdoor Advertising is here to help. Every year, millions of commuters and travelers use the 80 and 101 Highways to traverse the Bay Area, Sonoma County, Solano County, and other nearby areas. Every one of these people is a consumer that could be exposed to your business. How can you most benefit from such a readily available audience?

In the modern advertising world, it’s incredibly difficult to hold consumer attention. Advanced technology often means they have the option of fast-forwarding through or opting out of television or online advertisements. They can pay for “premium” accounts on their favorite apps in order to avoid being advertised to. If you can’t get people to view your ads, where does it leave you?

Thankfully, outdoor advertising still leaves an option with a readily captive audience. When you’re advertising your Vacaville area business on a digital billboard, you have the opportunity to catch people’s eye in a unique way that’s more difficult to come by these days. Our electronic billboards are located in Rohnert Park on the 101 Highway and Dixon on the 80 Highway, and both offer ample opportunity to reach commuters who regularly travel to Vacaville and the surrounding areas. Working in the digital medium offers you a wealth of creativity and flexibility. Change your copy or creatives as necessary without the hassle of printing and posting a new creative, or incorporate interactive features like a live feed or recent news.

These are just a few of the ways that a digital billboard can make a big impact for businesses in Vacaville and beyond. When you consider the level of exposure you’ll get every month, there’s not much else to think about. For more information, please contact the Veale team by phone at 707-575-3752 or fill out our online form.

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