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Digital billboards are one of the best ways to extend your advertising budget and get your message in front of Sonoma County commuters. Outdoor billboard advertising remains an extremely effective form of marketing. Billboards are placed in key locations where they’ll give your business optimal exposure. Digital billboards offer complete creative flexibility. You can display your ad at optimal days and times for your business, or quickly change creative for special events or promotions. At Veale Outdoor Advertising, we have more than 30 years of experience in outdoor advertising. Contact us today to learn how we can help expand the reach and messaging of your business.

Outdoor billboard advertising has many advantages compared to other types of marketing. Unlike other types of ads, billboards don’t require you to opt-in. Billboards are strategically placed along busy sections of roads and intersections. This means commuters see them! People have to choose to click on an internet ad or can change the channel on the television, but billboards are always on. Digital billboards are particularly eye-catching, with dynamic content and graphics that attract attention. Another benefit of outdoor billboard advertising? You can target a wider variety of customers with a single advertisement. While you could spend time and money trying to identify and target niche groups, you could be overlooking parts of the population you never considered.

Other Benefits

Digital billboards offer additional benefits over traditional static billboards. There are no production costs for printing your ad, nor do you have to wait weeks for it to go up. Your digital creative is sent directly to the screen within hours, giving you shorter lead times. Digital ads aren’t subject to fading or damage like static billboards. You also have the flexibility to start and end your ad when it works for you. If you have a sale running through Wednesday, you can choose to have the ad run up until the end of the sale. You also have control over the time of day your ad shows, so you can advertise for when it most makes sense for your business and clientele.

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