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Looking into an outdoor digital billboard for your Santa Rosa business? Then you have come to the right place! Veale Outdoor Advertising is the only local, licensed outdoor advertising business in Sonoma County. As a locally owned and operated business, we have a dedication to our clients and a passion for working with other local businesses. Our billboards proudly have a mix of large national brands and homegrown organizations that Sonoma County residents will recognize – Sonoma State, Graton Resort and Casino, Go Local, Amy’s, Friedman’s, Sonoma Clean Power, and more.

The Ideal Location for Your Advertisement

If you’re looking into an outdoor digital billboard for your Santa Rosa company, then you’re in luck. Our digital billboard in Rohnert Park, conveniently located on the 101 and attracting thousands of impressions daily from passing drivers and passengers, is perfect for advertising Sonoma County businesses. This popular billboard catches the eye of motorists, some of whom get caught in rush hour traffic and may be in eyesight of the board for 2-3 minutes. This gives consumers time to absorb the billboard’s message. Unlike radio or television, outdoor advertising can’t be switched off or the station changed. Unlike Internet advertising, the ad can’t be clicked closed or skipped. Billboards leave a lasting impression on viewers.

Now is the perfect opportunity to use an outdoor digital billboard to promote your Santa Rosa business. Veale has a digital billboard with ideal placement and billboards have proven effectiveness. In addition to the opportunities out of the home advertising provides for your business, our company prides itself on customer service. You can count on us for responsiveness, efficiency, and personalization. Each company is unique and we take your needs into consideration. Contact Veale to talk to a marketing specialist about your needs today so we can discuss solutions for your business!

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