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If you own a business in West Sacramento, our outdoor digital billboard in Dixon is a great way to grab the attention of thousands of commuters daily! Digital outdoor advertising with Veale Outdoor Advertising allows for highly flexible messaging. Aside from offering the interesting images and video your audience expects, you can also add up-to-the-minute information to be more interactive and engaging. What’s the temperature outside? What were the last winning lotto numbers? What’s currently playing on the radio? How long will I be stuck in traffic? When you offer information that commuters want, you immediately draw them into your message.

Our outdoor digital billboard on Interstate 80, about 20 miles west of Sacramento, is viewed by nearly 7 million consumers each month. Each day, thousands of drivers get steady exposure to your message. It sticks out against the landscape and is not susceptible to weather damage as with traditional billboards. Another advantage is that you get your ad posted almost immediately. No more waiting weeks for a printer to produce your billboard content! You can also focus your advertising dollars. For example, if you own a bar, you can advertise in the afternoon and evening when potential customers are more likely to drive by. You can also feature multiple items in multiple ads, and not try to say everything in one message. Other possibilities include brief campaigns that focus on narrow time frames such as intense advertising for annual festivals or events.  

We have another digital billboard on Highway 101 in Rohnert Park to broaden your regional reach. In addition, we have many options for static billboards along 101 in the North Bay, from Petaluma to Windsor. If you want to drive customers to your West Sacramento business with outdoor digital advertising, fill out our convenient online form or call us 707-777-7777. Speak to one of our associates to better understand how Veale Outdoor Advertising can help you tap into the steady flow of commuter traffic that is driving by every single day!

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