All Eyes On Me

Why Choose Veale Outdoor Advertising?

The average individual
spends up to 20 hours a
week commuting and out
of their home.
69 percent
For 69% of travelers,
purchasing decisions are
made outside the home.

We Have a Captive Audience

The effectiveness of print, TV, Internet, and radio advertising is slipping as consumers have more options to fast forward, turn a page, close a pop-up, or change the channel. However, people still have to commute, which means outdoor advertising is being seen by larger audiences.

Cost Effective


Whether you’re advertising for retail, travel, telecommunications, or media, outdoor advertising has a strong effect on sales. Also, the ROI is far better than more costly forms of media like TV.

Digital Advantage


Historically, billboard advertising came with big costs for production and posting. With the advent of digital advertisers can quickly change their messages, allowing for seasonal or timely ads.


Optimal Locations

Veale Location Map

Interstate 80 reaches nearly 7 million East and West bound consumers every month. US 101 Freeway reaches nearly 6 million North and South bound consumers every month.

Clients of Veale Outdoor Advertising