Why Outdoor?

Outdoor advertising doesn’t require consumers to “opt-in” or actively choose to see it. Television, radio, print, and Internet advertising all suffer from the fact that consumers can choose to skip the bulk of the media. When consumers are spending 70% of their time outside their homes, it’s the ideal opportunity to present them with digital billboard advertising.

Affluent consumers commute more often. The people who commute the heaviest often have a household income of over $75,000 – more than 44% of American households. This means they are a high-value audience with a significant amount of disposable income.

Incorporating outdoor advertising into your overall advertising portfolio can increase consumer reach by more than 300%. By complimenting and working in tandem with other media, such as social and mobile, you’ll find that your message is breaking through to viewers in unexpected ways and in more environments.

Average daily increase reach when outdoor advertising is combined with other media
Average daily increase reach when outdoor advertising is combined with other media

Digital Billboards Take it to the Next Level

Your creative team has endless opportunity to shine. Technology and creativity have combined in LED displays that allow for innovative, up-to-date, streamlined advertising. Find new ways to engage by incorporating social media or local updates, advertising your events, and showing off your latest promotions.

Welcome a new cost-effective medium into your portfolio. Digital billboards are an excellent alternative to traditionally pricey media. You’ll be able to run multiple ads for the price of a single printed billboard, can change your copy on a dime for seasonal and timely events, and opt for short ad buys with 28-day cycles. All this combines to make the company pocketbook very happy.

Bright, high-definition LED technology offers incredibly crisp images. Your ads have never looked better – clean lines, bold colors, and absolutely no fading. Visual media has never looked this good!

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