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Make it Simple

Focus on one key objective. Don’t distract the viewer with multiple messages. A single message idea will read quicker and more easily than trying to combine multiple offers. Stick with shorter, simple words to maximize quick comprehension by motorists.

Make it Big

Using a limited amount of text will help viewers’ readability and
comprehension. Select fonts that are easy to read from different viewing distances, such as large, bold fonts. Remember to use text containing both upper and lower-case characters when you have a long message. Using text with all caps should be limited to short messages. Large text will allow consumers to see your message from a greater distance.

Make it Bold

High color contrast is a key ingredient. Just like using large text, the right color combination can make your message readable from a much longer distance. Certain colors tend to evoke specific emotions or ideas, so choose them carefully to help support products and ideas.

For Digital Signage: With LED technology, the use of emitted light, white or very light colors may repel the eye. Take full advantage of your display’s color capability by using rich, vibrant colors. If white or pastels must be used, the content should only be scheduled for daytime viewing.

Make it Beautiful

Images for billboard use should be very carefully selected. After all, this image could end up being 48 feet wide! Be sure to use images that have been scanned at the proper resolution (typically above 300 dpi but final sizing depends on printed output resolution and design layout.)

Test It

To simulate viewing from the road, show your design to someone for only 5 Seconds. Did they understand it? View your design from 15 feet away. Can you the copy be read clearly?

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