How to Re-strategize Marketing Efforts Amid a Pandemic

How to Re-strategize Marketing Efforts Amid a Pandemic

North Bay Biz Magazine – December 2020
by Tom Jackson

Consumers have everything they need at their fingertips in this digital world, so how to make your business stand out amongst all the noise? Trying to predict the unpredictable seems like an impossible task, yet many businesses have found themselves doing just that. Marketing revolves around current consumer trends. COVID-19 has drastically changed consumer behavior, and it’s more important than ever to adapt to those behaviors to successfully promote your brand. Read entire article here:

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Vote Scheduled on Advertising in CA Right of Way

Billboard Insider | June 21, 2018

A vote is scheduled next Tuesday in the California Senate Transportation Committee on AB 1405 which will allows the California Department of Transportation to establish a pilot project for advertising on state rights of way.  You can read an analysis of the bill here and the text of the bill here.   Insider ran an article by California out of home executive Jim Moravec discussing why this is a bad idea.  Insider asked Tom Jackson of Veale Outdoor for an update.

Tom, what are the latest developments?

AB 1405 was supposed to be heard by the California Senate Transportation Committee on June 19. However, it was pulled by the sponsor once proponents became aware that they didn’t have enough votes. The bill was then rescheduled to be heard by this committee on June 26 at 1:30 p.m.

Why is the bill a bad idea?

  1. The bill puts CALTRANS (California Department of Transportion) in the out of home advertising business.
  2. The bill allows CALTRANS to place new digital billboards on public highway right of way in California without local governmental review or approval, DIRECTLY OVER THE PASSANGER LANES OF TRAFFIC
  3. The bill exempts CALTRANS from the California Outdoor Advertising Act permit requirements on spacing, landscape designation, lighting, and zoning.
  4. The bill allows CALTRANS to place a new digital billboard in locations that have bans.
  5. The bill violates the California Outdoor Advertising Act, the federal Manual that sets sign standards, and the Highway Beautification Act. It would require a waiver from the federal government, which the official bill analysis says is unlikely.

What should California out of home operators do?

Outdoor advertising companies should contact California State Senators Scott Wiener (916) 651-4011, Ben Allen (916) 651-4026; Bob Wieckowski (916) 651-4010, and Ted Gaines (916) 651-4001 to let them know that California doesn’t need CALTRANS in the outdoor advertising business and to vote no on AB 1405 (Mullin)

Tom Jackson on Wildfires and Monument Billboards

Billboard Insider | January 15, 2018

Insider talked with Veale Outdoor’s Tom Jackson about the Santa Rosa, CA company’s innovative monument sign program and what it’s like to operate a billboard plant when wildfires sweep your market. What impact did the October 2017 Northern California wildfires have on your company? The wildfires in Santa Rosa/Sonoma County, CA had a significant impact on our company. While we didn’t lose any structures, the severity of the wildfires and our office’s proximity to the damage in the commercial area of Santa Rosa that was affected closed our office for eight days. Read the entire article here.

Published Articles

Veale Outdoor and Public Service Advertising

By Tom Jackson | February 4th 2019

Digital billboards allow a company to run time sensitive public service advertising.  Tom Jackson of Veale Outdoor tells Insider this:

“We at Veale Outdoor feel it is important to be active participants in promoting local  community organizations and charities. It helps foster positive energy and growth within the communities that we serve. That’s why when we have space available we will donate that time and we are happy to promote local fundraisers after major disasters such as the wildfires that struck Sonoma county last October.”

In October 2017 when Sonoma County was being ravaged by wildfires, Veal used billboards to boost community morale. Read Entire Article Here.


Marketing Your Strengths


By Tom Jackson

The first rule of marketing is to use absolutely everything you have. Too many people approach marketing as a one-size-fits-all campaign, run year-round, year-in, year-out. This is a great way to get ignored….Sharing your unique story across all marketing channels will expand your brand’s appeal. A personalized experience will always be remembered and shared. Capitalizing on every season with events and promotions will keep you in consumers’ thoughts. Play off your strengths and show them off to your customers. Read Entire Article Here.

 Marketing Wine Country – What Are You Missing?


By Tom Jackson

Wine industry professionals know a key aspect of their success is how effectively they promote the business, yet few actually use their marketing dollars effectively. I see many companies with a great message or story who are failing because they can’t get it out into the world. You can be the best at what you do, but if people don’t know you exist, you will fail. Many devote untold hours to their product and then leave the marketing budget—the second most important factor in their company’s success—until the last minute, giving it very little thought.

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Marketing Wine Country – What Are You Missing?

Marketing & Advertising – Get Their Attention in North Bay Biz Magazine


By Tom Jackson

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Sonoma County Billboard Company Goes 100% Renewable, Veale Outdoor Advertising to Run on Sonoma Clean Power’s EverGreen Service

Veale Outdoor Advertising, a Sonoma County based company that specializes in outdoor advertisements, is making the transition to 100% renewable energy.

For many of the County’s residents, passing by the electronic billboard in Rohnert Park on Highway 101 is a regular, if not daily, occurrence. Now, the billboard, along with others owned by Veale Outdoor Advertising throughout the County, are powered by locally generated renewable energy from Sonoma Clean Power.

Veale Outdoor Advertising, like many businesses today, has been exploring ways to reduce its environmental impact. Upgrading to EverGreen, the 100% renewable option from Sonoma Clean Power, is one of the most significant steps the company has taken to date.

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Santa Rosa, CA – Veale Outdoor Advertising (Veale) has acquired six static bulletin faces along the highly-trafficked Interstate 80 corridor in Vacaville, CA – Solano County from TKG Billboards, LLC and TKG Vaca Signs, LLC. Veale is owned by Kirk Veale and managed by Tom Jackson, Veale currently operates two prominent digital units along I-80 in Dixon, two digital units in Rohnert Park adjacent to Hwy. 101 and twelve static units in Petaluma, Santa Rosa & Windsor, Sonoma County. With the expansion into Solano County via this acquisition Veale now operates 22 billboard faces on Interstates and Highways in Northern California allowing Veale to provide greater advertising options and services to customers looking reach motorist traveling to San Francisco Bay area, Napa/Sonoma Wine Country, Sacramento – CA’s State Capital and Lake Tahoe recreational destinations.

The acquisition allows Veale to expand their footprint in the valuable CA I-80 corridor reaching drivers between the SF Bay Area and Sacramento & Lake Tahoe/Reno tourist destinations. “This expansion increases our service area which provides us the opportunity to enhance our services to existing customers and reach new customers in Northern California.” Says Jackson. For more information visit our newly remodeled site at Vealeoutdooradvertising.com or dial 707-777-7777.

Locally-based and family-owned for over 30 years, Veale currently operates the only digital billboard in the Dixon area, capturing the attention of commuters driving in and out of California’s state capital, tourists traveling to vacation destinations in Tahoe and the greater Sierra Nevada, as well as the San Francisco Bay area and Napa/Sonoma wine country. A recent Nielsen study reported that 82% of these drivers were able to recall the billboard advertising they saw, making digital advertising a highly effective way to get marketing messages out to consumers.

“Once our ad went up on the I-80 billboard, two new clients found us immediately. Maintaining a billboard presence continues to raise our profile and drive a steady flow of clients. We enjoy working with Veale and now see the great value and success with billboard advertising.” 

Porter Mills, General Manager at Solono Life House

Read the full release here.

New Nielsen Study Says Outdoor Ads Boost Business Sales and Awareness

Sacramento Area Digital Billboard Veale Outdoor Advertising Celebrates Successful First Year in Service

Veale Outdoor Advertising, Sonoma County’s largest locally-based and owned outdoor advertising company, celebrates a successful first year promoting Sacramento businesses to travelers. The new state-of the-art digital billboard reaches the busy 80 corridor that connects the bustling Bay Area, Sacramento, UC Davis and Reno regions. Participating businesses report increased sales and overall attention further confirming results of the respected Nielsen survey that says the same of outdoor advertising. With nine out of ten drivers seeing a digital billboard’s copy, the ability to update information in real time, and more flexibility than a traditional billboard, it has proved Sacramento region’s most effective form of outdoor advertising since its installation.

“The Veale billboard made a great impact on our Dixon Grillin & Chillin event,” says Tom Carrier, Director of the Dixon Action Team. “We’ve given over $43k to our local charities and without corporate sponsorships and being up on the board, and without Veale helping us get the word out, this wouldn’t be possible!”

A new Nielsen survey reports in an analysis of America’s travel habits that roadside billboards are the most noticed ads by consumers. In fact, a full third of people who see an ad on a digital billboard search for that company online, with 82% recalling that ad. The survey states that 75% of ALL travelers noticed a digital billboard in the past month and 60% of travelers noticed a digital billboard in the past WEEK. 55% of surveyed travelers notice the message on the screen most or all of the time!

Read the entire release on PRweb herehttp://www.prweb.com/releases/2016/05/prweb13420283.htm

North Bay Businesses Get Unprecedented Exposure During Super Bowl 50

Veale Digital Billboards Allow Businesses to Get in Front of Travelers


One million visitors are expected to flock to San Francisco to celebrate Super Bowl 50, this February 7th, 2016 at Santa Clara’s Levi’s Stadium. As a result of Sonoma County’s advantageous partnership with the Super Bowl committee attendees will be introduced to everything Sonoma County has to offer at The Wine Country experience.
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New Digital Billboard Equals Big Awareness for Local Business & City Organizations

Messages Reach 6 Million Wine Country, Tahoe & Sacramento Tourists and Riders

Dixon, CA

Due to the huge success of their 14-by-48 foot digital billboard along highway 101 in Rohnert Park, CA Veale Outdoor Advertising has launched its newest state-of-the-art digital display, of the same size, now reaching drivers throughout the UC Davis and greater Sacramento areas. The network reaches over 12 million viewers traveling the greater Bay Area thru; SF, Sonoma, Marin, East Bay, Sacramento, Lake Tahoe, and Reno, CA. Read Full Release.

New State-of-the-Art Digital Billboards Reach 12 Million Wine Country, Tahoe, Sacramento & Greater SF Bay Area Viewers

Outdoor Advertising Network Equals Big Results for Local & National Businesses 

Dixon, Calif

Veale Outdoor Advertising, the Northern California agency with 12 static and now two digital billboards to its name, announces its digital display in Dixon, California, the only digital billboard in the Dixon/Sacramento area. Read Full Release

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