Billboards v. Print ads

Billboards v. Print ads

As a business owner, you constantly have to make decisions based on what’s best for your business. The right choice in suppliers, product, employee hires, etc can make a huge impact on your company. The same goes for your advertising. Advertising your business is crucial to introducing your business to customers and growing sales. With so many different types of advertising, it can be difficult for business owners to choose where to spend their budget.

Many business owners aren’t marketing and advertising professionals. You know your business, and you know it well. But what type of ads are your customers most likely to respond to? What kind of colors attract attention? Should you direct your customers to a website with an ad? For these types of questions, it helps to talk to a professional.

What Can You Do?

Veale Outdoor Advertising can help your advertisement get in front of thousands of potential customers. Some small and medium-sized businesses rely almost exclusively on print advertising for promotion. While there are positives to print advertising, such as unlimited ad-view time and the ability for higher word density, there are also downsides in comparison to billboards. When using billboards, especially digital billboards, your business gets the benefit of

  • Regular ad-specific analytics
  • The ability to work within your budget
  • Precise targeting for specific time, day, week, or month
  • Easy to start, change, and pause ads as needed
  • Only pay for displayed ads

In contrast, print advertising can present a host of obstacles. If you want to mail a flyer to residences in your area, you need to pay for address lists. Once an ad is printed, there’s no way to change it or stop it. Depending on the publication or print method used, there’s no guarantee potential customers even saw your ad; they might throw it directly in the recycling bin.

Veale Outdoor Advertising specializes in offering businesses the chance to reach thousands of potential customers through billboards in high-traffic areas. Our expert advertisers can help you create an ad that is easy to read on the road, consistent with your existing branding, clear, and to the point. With years of experience in advertising, we know how to ensure your ad pops.

Do you already have a print ad ready to run? Or have a print campaign and want to supplement it with billboard marketing? Contact us for assistance turning your print ad into an eye-catching billboard!



About The Author

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson is general manager of Veale Outdoor Advertising and has been an ad man for more than 25 years. Originally from Indiana, he’s lived in Santa Rosa since 1988 and, when’s he not helping clients fulfill their marketing goals, Tom enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, family, friends and playing golf.