Lessons Learned from Digital Advertising Woes

Lessons Learned from Digital Advertising Woes

No matter the scope of your outdoor advertising campaign, there can be lessons drawn from the successes–and failures–of modern digital advertising campaigns. One, many advertisers believed that online digital advertising offered complete transparency about effectiveness. However, state of the art out-of-home advertising challenges that belief. With new digital billboards which can gauge the passing speed of nearby cars, and therefore offer extensive data on possible consumer impressions, outdoor advertisers have more data available than ever before. However, this improved technology also means that companies need to bring a thoughtful approach to their advertising planning, with strategies adopted from online media campaigns. In fact, every outdoor advertiser should consider these three lessons:

1. Attention metrics count

With online advertising, it’s become clear that some firms offer online space–but few impressions or returns. With modern out-of-home advertising, companies need to put the emphasis on attention metrics, rather than simply buying space. While the importance of viewability can’t be underscored, retailers must know exactly how they’re leading their customers from ad viewing to product buying. The analytics platform known as Placed is leading the charge for more detailed and meaningful metrics for outdoor advertising.

2. Advertisers don’t work alone

In fact, it’s key for modern advertisers to view their relationships with platform owners as partnerships. Firms such as Impax Media can help advertisers maximize their ad budgets, for example by leasing advertising space in the check-out line to improve consumer mood and engagement.

Says Dominick Porco, Impax’s CEO: “Retailers have responded to our model with tremendous enthusiasm, because it addresses some real needs. For starters, it will cut down on theft by providing an elegant means to close a lane and prohibit someone from leaving the store with a shopping cart full of unpaid groceries. It will enhance the shopping experience by providing shoppers with relevant information while simultaneously reducing the perceived wait time; a significant deterrent to customer loyalty. And lastly, it provides the retailer with a 21st century communications platform to introduce and reinforce programs and incentives to their customer base.”

3. Context counts

Whether online or out of the home, advertising must be relevant to the consumer. Modern outdoor advertising is always location specific. Advertisers can maximize this feature of billboard or e-billboard advertising by offering ads that touch on local issues or venue-relevant activities.



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Tom Jackson

Tom Jackson is general manager of Veale Outdoor Advertising and has been an ad man for more than 25 years. Originally from Indiana, he’s lived in Santa Rosa since 1988 and, when’s he not helping clients fulfill their marketing goals, Tom enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, family, friends and playing golf.