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HWY 80 Digital Billboard

Sacramento, Tahoe, UC Davis & San Francisco
Media Area

Information and Rates


Location: HWY 80 S/L – 5 miles west of UC Davis
Display: Digital
Size: 14’ x 48’

Showing % 100% 50% (1/2) 25% (1/4) 12.5% (1/8)
Length of Ad/Spot 1 ad per minute 1 ad per 2 minutes 1 ad per 4 minutes 1 ad per 8 minutes
# of Ads/Day 1,100 550 225 137
East Bound Rate $4,750 $2,500 $2,000 $1,500
West Bound Rate $4,500 $2,250 $1,750 $1,250

Tab Weekly Impressions

East Bound: 291,281 impressions
West Bound: 180,077 impressions

Nielson Ratings Survey

  • 75% of ALL travelers noticed a digital billboard in the past month
  • 82% recalled advertising on digital billboards

Benefits/Advantages of Digital Outdoor Advertising

  • Dynamic Content
  • Ad content can be run in multiple languages
  • Almost real time updates
  • Ability to Run multiple ads at one time
  • Day parting

Highlights: This bulletin is part of Veale Outdoor Advertising’s Northern California Digital Network. Strategically located on HWY 80 near Sacramento/Tahoe/U.C. Davis area, this digital bulletin offers a long highly visible approach to a continuous flow of traffic between the S.F. Bay Area and Sacramento/Lake Tahoe.

This digital bulletin is the only digital OOH unit in the UC Davis/Sacramento area and reaches daily traffic to Davis and Sacramento – east bound and S.F. Bay Area – west bound. It has high volume of traffic for major tourist destinations such as Lake Tahoe, S.F. Bay Area and Napa/Sonoma wine regions.

For more information, contact Tom Jackson
707-575-3752 or email tom@vealeoutdoor.com

Learn more at www.vealeoutdoor.com

Disclaimer: All information contained in this billboard advertising rate sheet is deemed correct as of the date and subject to change. Please contact Tom Jackson for advertising opportunities and current information: tom@vealeoutdoor.com or 707-481-7461.