Vote Scheduled on Advertising in CA Right of Way

Vote Scheduled on Advertising in CA Right of Way

Billboard Insider | June 21, 2018

A vote is scheduled next Tuesday in the California Senate Transportation Committee on AB 1405 which will allows the California Department of Transportation to establish a pilot project for advertising on state rights of way.  You can read an analysis of the bill here and the text of the bill here. Insider ran an article by California out of home executive Jim Moravec discussing why this is a bad idea.  Insider asked Tom Jackson of Veale Outdoor for an update.

Tom, what are the latest developments?

AB 1405 was supposed to be heard by the California Senate Transportation Committee on June 19. However, it was pulled by the sponsor once proponents became aware that they didn’t have enough votes. The bill was then rescheduled to be heard by this committee on June 26 at 1:30 p.m.

Why is the bill a bad idea?

  1. The bill puts CALTRANS (California Department of Transportion) in the out of home advertising business.
  2. The bill allows CALTRANS to place new digital billboards on public highway right of way in California without local governmental review or approval, DIRECTLY OVER THE PASSENGER LANES OF TRAFFIC
  3. The bill exempts CALTRANS from the California Outdoor Advertising Act permit requirements on spacing, landscape designation, lighting, and zoning.
  4. The bill allows CALTRANS to place a new digital billboard in locations that have bans.
  5. The bill violates the California Outdoor Advertising Act, the federal Manual that sets sign standards, and the Highway Beautification Act. It would require a waiver from the federal government, which the official bill analysis says is unlikely.

What should California Out of Home Operators do?

Outdoor advertising companies should contact California State Senators Scott Wiener (916) 651-4011, Ben Allen (916) 651-4026; Bob Wieckowski (916) 651-4010, and Ted Gaines (916) 651-4001 to let them know that California doesn’t need CALTRANS in the outdoor advertising business and to vote no on AB 1405 (Mullin)



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