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Interested in billboards for your Sonoma County business? Veale Outdoor Advertising can help! We are the only locally owned, licensed, outdoor advertising business in Sonoma County, CA. We have operated in the area for 30 years and continue to primarily focus on the development of local advertising for other local companies.

Effective Advertising that Maximizes Your Marketing Dollar

We have three decades of experience working with local brands with static and digital billboards. Billboard advertising is a proven effective tool that has helped companies throughout Northern California gain exposure for their event, product, or cause. Our billboards are strategically placed around Sonoma County to maximize exposure for your business. For instance, our outdoor digital billboard in Rohnert Park, ideally placed just off the 101 freeway, is in spot where thousands of consumers pass by daily. In heavy traffic periods, a car might spend 2-3 minutes in front of our billboard. That is a wonderful opportunity to make an impression!

Billboard advertising has the distinct advantage of reaching lots of local consumers, and it can’t easily be ignored. While you can simply change a radio station or the channel on a television when a commercial comes on, you can’t do the same with a billboard. Unlike online marketing, you can’t exit out of or skip the ad on a billboard. That gives billboards a distinct advantage over other types of billboard advertising. The right ad can brighten a commuter’s day, and have them thinking about the image and message long after they leave the car. Think about your favorite billboards, whether they are funny, beautiful, or thought-provoking – your company could recreate that experience for consumers. Whatever your budget, Veale has billboards that can work for your Sonoma County business. We have proudly worked with a variety of local organizations, including Sonoma State, Go Local, Amy’s Drive Thru, and more. We look forward to working with you!

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