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Digital Billboard Dixon Imagine your next ad up on a digital billboard in Dixon, where it can target consumers for numerous Sonoma and Solano County markets during their daily commute. Why go digital? Because it opens a brand new world of marketing options for your business. At Veale Outdoor Advertising, we have more than thirty years of experience in local business, real estate, and advertising, and we’ve grown our knowledge to include technology that will bring your business to the next level.

Digital OOH advertising offers a number of options that a traditional billboard just can’t match. You’ll never have to worry about the billboard fading or tearing, and changes can be made easily and quickly. A top electronic billboard is an ideal option for a Dixon area business or national advertiser that hosts regular events, promotions, or sales. Instead of having to create a brand new creative for every date change, the updated copy can be applied digitally in seconds. Additionally, digital outdoor advertising allows you to incorporate unique features that add value for commuters, such as live weather updates, current lotto pots, or even a live feed of what’s currently playing on your radio station. Elements like these give your billboard a little something extra and inspire action on the part of the viewer. These days, people are spending more time than ever commuting outside the home, which gives you a unique opportunity to reach people in your target markets with innovative, attention-catching advertisements.

Whatever your advertising goals, our billboard company can help you achieve them. Take advantage of our extensive reach and experience in Solano and Sonoma Counties! Call us today to discuss creating an ad for our digital billboard sign in Dixon to reach commuters on the 80 highway, or its counterpart on the 101 highway.

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