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An eye-catching digital billboard for your Fairfield business can inspire action and increase your patronage significantly. Never had one before and not sure where to start? Veale Outdoor Advertising is here to help. We’ve made Northern California business realty and advertising our specialty for more than 30 years, which means our team boasts the experience and creativity to help you create a billboard campaign that will work for you, no matter your industry.

From small local businesses to national chains, many companies have a great deal of success using outdoor advertising to reach their target market area. Unlike television or radio advertising, which can be easily avoided these days by paying for premium accounts or fast-forwarding through a recorded program, billboards are a constant for commuters and travelers throughout Northern California. Here at Veale, we offer our clients the option of a traditional or digital billboard, both of which can easily reach the Fairfield target market area. Every month, thousands of commuters and travelers drive past our two digital boards located in Dixon and Rohnert Park off the 80 and 101 Highways, respectively. These specialized billboards are an excellent option for businesses looking to create unforgettable and flexible advertisements. Digital ads are especially effective for companies that host regular events and sales, as the copy can be quickly and easily updated in seconds without the need for a brand new creative.

For more information about how a digital billboard campaign can bring new patrons to your Fairfield area business, give the team at Veale a call today! You can reach us at 707-575-3752 or by filling out our online form.

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