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Using a digital billboard to target the Sacramento designated market area on Highway 80 is the perfect way to get thousands of eyes on your local or national business every day. Veale Outdoor Advertising offers digital billboards in both Sonoma and Solano Counties on the 80 and 101 Highways, which are traveled by millions of commuters every year. This is the sort of exposure you just can’t get from online or television ads, which consumers can easily skip or opt out of seeing. Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to a digital creative, so start brainstorming!

For more than 30 years, the team at Veale has been working with businesses and markets throughout Northern California. We’ve seen exactly what succeeds in your target market area and we’re here to help guide you through the outdoor advertising process. A digital billboard offers a unique way to reach your target Sacramento market by offering timely information that’s relevant to them and features that inspire immediate action. From providing up-to-date lotto information to local weather updates to a live feed of what’s currently on the radio, you’ll always be able to offer value to consumers. Digital outdoor advertising is especially beneficial to local and national businesses alike because the creatives will never tear or fade, and the copy can be updated instantly. If you offer a regular events, promotions, or sales and tend to avoid billboard advertising because it’s too much hassle to update, digital is the way to go. When your current event passes, simply update the copy to reflect the dates of the next event. The changes take only moments to make without needing to spend your budget on an entirely new creative!

The Solano County digital billboard sign is located off the 80 Highway in Dixon, where it can be easily seen by millions of commuters in the Sacramento designated market area every year. For more information about out of home advertising and how you can make it a part of your next marketing plan, give our billboard company a call!

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