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Placing a billboard targeting the Sacramento designated marketing area in Sonoma County can have an incredible effect on your marketing efforts. Thousands of commuters travel through the Sacramento designated marketing area every day, which grants you a daily opportunity to make an impact. At Veale Outdoor Advertising, we use our wealth of options and experience to help you create an effective advertisement, whether it appears on a traditional or digital billboard. With options only limited by your imagination, your next campaign could be huge.

If you’re interested in digital, we offer two options on Highway 101 and Highway 80. These billboards offer creativity and versatility, and they’ll never fade or tear. If you’re frequently advertising events or sales with changing information, the change can be made quickly and easily, rather than requiring an entirely new sign. Additionally, this form of outdoor advertising offers all sorts of innovative and interactive options, from up-to-date lotto information to local weather. If a static billboard is more your style, the Sacramento designated marketing area in Sonoma or Solano County is an excellent place to advertise. Recent information indicates that the people who spend the most time outside of the home commuting are also those with the highest household incomes, which means you have an excellent opportunity to catch them at an opportune moment and inspire action. Sacramento is a major hub for many businesses and workers, so it’s an ideal location for OOH advertising.

Whatever the scope of your current marketing plan, make sure to consider a billboard sign or two in order to reach travelers and commuters throughout the Sacramento designated marketing areas in Solano County and Sonoma County. For more information on how to incorporate out of home advertising into your overall marketing scope, contact our billboard company today!

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