Outdoor Billboard Advertising Concord

The world of outdoor billboard advertising in Concord gives your business the opportunity to find new customers outside of your normal marketing campaigns. With a billboard sign alongside a busy Northern California roadway, you can reach between 6 and 7 million people over the course of a month! Average commuters spend 20 hours or more in their car every day, making them a consistent and attentive target. Advertising relies on numerous viewings and what better way to do that than with a advertising outdoor billboard.

Outdoor Billboard Advertising Concord

Traditional Billboards to Digital Billboards

The introduction of new technology – digital reading, streaming television, internet ad blockers – make those forms of media harder to find advertising success. When your customers can turn a page, fast-forward, or block on ad, you are losing important reach. Over 25% of internet user currently use ad blocking software and that number continues to grow. A billboard sign cannot be turned off or hidden, making it visible by everyone who passes by. Outdoor billboard advertising can help you Concord business touch new consumer and find new business in the surrounding areas.

We offer both traditional static signage as well as digital boards. Digital billboards are a great way to dip your toe into outdoor advertising – they are easy to create and update and can be specialized with added features. Creative and colorful outdoor billboard advertising can be just what you need to reach consumers in and around Concord. Contact our billboard company today to find out more about our sign locations, affordable costs, and how we can help you go your business throughout Sonoma County.

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