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Sonoma-USA & Veale Outdoor



Sonoma-USA is a local company that recycles used vinyls/banners from local cities, businesses, individuals, billboard companies, and transforms them into stunning bags, purses, wallets, laptop cases, and more.

By helping the environment and recycling these materials that are typically never used again they can increase to knowledge of sustainability, recycling, and overall helping the local communities.

Sonoma-USA donates a percentage of their profits to charities in the local communities. One partner, Sonoma Raceway, asks to have the profits from their used banners to be donated to Speedway Children’s Foundation. We at Veale Outdoor will choose to have the percentage donated to the Salvation Army.

How It Works

-Pick up banners at facility
-Clean weigh, and catalog them
-Work on design/cutting/sewing magic, and turn them into unique products
-Sell products on website sonoma-usa.com
-Donate percentage of proceeds from products made from banners back to charity of choice from donor

Benefits for Donor

– Save money from hauling banners to landfill
– Take back valuable storage space
– New sustainable/green message to share with community
– Unique products to advertise/market to customers (via online shop)
– Kick back for charity from sales

Customer Benefits

– Receive unique product (“own a piece of history”)
– Support charitable causes with every purchase
– Support re-purposing/reusing/up-cycling – reducing what ends up in the landfill

Kickstarter Campaign for Sonoma-USA

Sonoma-USA 2


Sonoma-USA has a Kickstarter campaign running and are asking for a pledge of $30,000.

Go check out their page and watch their video showing their wonderful products.

The products are extremely sturdy and durable with a “feel good” aspect since you would be helping the environment and local charities as well. By pledging a certain amount of money you will receive a special product made just for you. No one product is the same, it is unique to you, and no one else.


We at Veale are proud to start working with Sonoma-USA and are looking forward to helping spread the word about sustainability and the local communities.

#vealecares #rethinkwaste


Tomorrow’s Leaders Today

Social Advocates for Youth


This Saturday March 19th at 5pm our General Manager Tom Jackson will be supporting the


Presented by the Santa Rosa East Rotary Club and held at the Friedman Event Center in Santa Rosa.

Come decked out in your favorite Green Attire and say hi to Tom

This fundraiser is for Tomorrow’s Leaders Today, which is also a partner of the Social Advocates for Youth program.

What will you get?

Silent auction, delicious dinner, cool Irish Dancers, live auction, and a live band!

Need more info, want to sponsor, or donate? Click here.


TLT is a program designed to help the local community’s youth to develop leadership skills through community, civic, and business professionals. Students learn over the course of 9 months about local human services, agriculture, criminal justice, community service, health care, government, environmental/natural resources, and business and media.

If you would like to know more about the TLT program click here.


The SAY program for Sonoma County is an organization that was started in 1971 striving to help support the community’s children, youth, and families with housing, counseling, and job search/opportunities.

To learn more about the programs and the individuals they help click here.







Our Valentine’s Day Wishes

kzst valentine

Back in the day if you wanted to express your love through outdoor advertising you had to painstakingly plan the event weeks or months in advance. Today – we do it in seconds with one phone call! ANYONE (even express your businesses love) can post a message anywhere in the county or multiple counties reaching millions within a few hours. SO….in preparation of V – Day…

Veale Outdoor and KZST are partnering up to offer 100 listeners valetines billboardspecial personal Valentine’s Day message to their loved one’s on the Rohnert Park digital billboard off Highway 101 near the exit of Rohnert Park Expressway.Click here to be directed to the contests/directions page.


Our tips for a winning message: Be witty, punctual, and bold. Be simple and straight to the point! And it will flash Valentine’s Day!

You’re in good company – the following companies also done V-Day special messages like Coca-Cola’s campaign #shareacoke or Aerva, a technology company that enables real-time interactivity between mobile, social media applications, and digital display networks (outdoor for example). Aerva asked the public through Twitter to send them their Valentine’s Day photos to post on their outdoor displays throughout a specific city.

coke valentines


So if you don’t know what to do for your loved ones this Sunday, go to KZST and fill out the form to have your message put up in lights for all to see. Don’t deal with the long lines at the flower shops, restaurant, or chocolate shop, sit back relax and let KZST and Veale Outdoor Advertisement do the work for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Geo Engineering

Veale Outdoor Advertising is working with GeoEngineeringWatch.org, a group of advocates led by lead researcher Dane Wigington. They are getting their message out on our Sonoma County and West Sacramento digital billboards about the battle to expose and stop climate engineering in Northern California. If you are interested in learning more about Geo Engineering check out their website at Geoengineeringwatch.org.

If you would like to support their ad campaign for Sonoma County or West Sacramento digital billboards please contact Tom at tom@vealeoutdoor.com or Katie at katie@vealeoutdoor.com. You can also help fund for the campaigns next installment by clicking here.

Click here for a brief explanation as to what the global climate engineering issues are.

Geo Eng Dixonedited


Geo Eng SBedited



Winter Lights Tree Lighting Celebration KSRO

Our General Manager Tom Jackson was just interviewed on KSRO during the Tree Lighting Ceremony Celebration in our home town of Santa Rosa, Ca.

Tom chatted about his sponsorship with the Santa Rosa Chamber and the Ceremony. Tom and owner Kirk Veale have been involved with the Chamber since the early 1990’s in one way or another. He said he loves the tree lighting because it’s a time for family to enjoy the holidays together and create memories for a lifetime.

He mentioned that Veale loves to support local and Tom is excited that a second digital billboard went live in the Sacramento area this year, reaching travelers throughout the Tahoe, Sacramento, Reno, and Wine Country areas.  Clients tell Tom that they value the new billboard space because static billboards are basically sold out in these areas and that going to digital allows businesses to reach the audience they seek – especially at this time of year.

From all of us at Veale – we wish everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous holiday and New Year – you can click here to hear the live interview.

Clients of Veale Outdoor Advertising